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Product Name: Busy Bees Gluten Free Honey & Sesame Biscuits
Description: Laden with natural honey, sunflower and sesame seeds in a golden baked Biscuit
Appearance: Golden brown crust with sesame and sunflower seeds showing.
Intended Usage: Suitable for general consumption
Country of Origin: Made in Australia
Ingredients: Maize starch, modified starch(1422), rice flour, raising agents(450,500), soy flour, sugar, margarine (vegetable oil, water, milk solids, salt, emusifiers(soy lecithin,471), flavour, food acid(330), colour(160a), vitamins A&D), sesame seed, sunflower seed, butter, egg, honey, coconut(contain pres[202]), milk powder, puffed rice, Vegetable Gum(415),

G.M.O. Status: Does not require any GM label statement under Standard 1.5.2 of the ANZFA regulations
Allergens: Contains; Honey, Sesame Seed, Soy, Egg, Milk Products.

Nutrition: (Expressed, average per 100g)
Energy     2088.0 kJ
Protein     7.0 g
Gluten     Nil Detected
Fat, total     30.3 g
Saturated     10.6 g
Trans     0.0 g
Polyunsaturated     6.3 g
Monounsaturated     5.4 g
Cholesterol     0.0 mg
Carbohydrate     48.5 g
Sugars     21.2 g
Sodium     157.5 mg
Dietary Fibre     2.7 g
Dietary Claims: Free From Gluten, Free From Nuts.
Halal Status: Halal
HACCP: Manufactured under Haccp conditions


Honey & Sesame

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